Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android

Popularity of Facebook and Android OS is rising and developers decided to create Facebook for Android application that will help you stay in touch with your friends and family even when you are not home and beside your computer. You will be notified about all changes that concerns you directly to you mobile phone with Android OS or tablet that you use. Facebook for Android has between 100 000 000 and 500 000 000 installs and it is not surprise when we know how popular are they.
Today we are constantly on the move and at that time we can only rely on our mobile devices like mobile phones and tablet PC devices. These devices paired with Facebook for Android will keep you informed about any changes that were made regarding your profile and your activities. Interface of this application offers seven icons that allows you easy access to profile, friends, news, photos, messages, events and friends requests.

The start screen is also home to a notifications bar that slides up to share the latest news. In addition, there are shortcut buttons for updating your status and searching your friend list or the global Facebook roster.

Now it is easy to set status and leave comments, watch and share videos, upload pictures etc. Even Facebook for Android was improved with this new version we are waiting and hopping that they will work on it even more to make it even better.

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